Pingpong players who are musicians as well

Pingpong and music are integrated creative arts industry which, have some differences in physical activity but their effect when done simultaneously complement each other. That is why most Pingpong players are as well in the music industry. This is evident in background music in any ping pong tournament or competition.Pingpong is an intensive brain game which requires cognitive skills and physical fitness to succeed. Some similarities ping pong and music share incl ude the relaxing environment and mental involvement when doing any of the activities. After an intensive ping pong game, all you need is the body to relax spending several hours behind microphones and in closed- door studio makes you relax at the same time allow the body to reenergize for yet another game. This is a clear evidence of a strong relationship between table tennis and music. Some of the renowned tennis players are great musicians who love music with passion and commitment. Here are some few

Prince was a famous musician who loved to spend time in areas where he will enjoy recording music and there is a place he can play Pinpong since he could relinquish his celebrity status in a minute and change to a sports attire and do marvelous stuff on the Tennis Table(everyone must check reviews before you buy at His unique ball hitting and ball response skills made other
famous Ping Pong players learn from him. The flamboyant musician has the passion for ping pong.

Damon Albarn
Damon was a musician who could carry his table tennis kit like his own wallet. He declared himself on TV and Radio station as one person who can die for table tennis. He loves the game and at any one point was not in the studio, he will untuck his table tennis set and enjoy the game. When he was under pressure and he felt exhausted, all he wanted was to play ping pong and be sure he will go extra hours to perform or complete a challenging task in his music career. Everyone in the British Olympics knew him because he dared have a game with them and true to his word he won.

Justin Bieber
Before you take a table tennis ball to compete, Justin Bieber, better be sure you are very god in the sport otherwise he will outsmart you in a very disappointing win. As a celebrity, he uses ping pong not only as a hobby but as his competitive sport. He has won several awards against renowned table Tennis players to everyone’s surprise. The singer of the famous Believe Acoustic tempted lawson band member-Ryan Fletcher for a Table Tennis competition, as well as other frequent plays, the public almost thought he was up to changing his career to PingPong.

Paul Banks
The management and fans of Liverpool Table Tennis League know Paul Banks as a ping pong player who had a soft spot for the game. He never missed any of the championships unless he had a very important concert, but most times he never scheduled his performances during that season, if he had to, he had to create time and participate in the game.

Generally, Pingpong and music are inseparable, they complement one another because of the extreme impact on the human body.

Suitable toilet for Musicians

Visiting the toilet is a natural process that does not discriminate celebrities. At the same time, it is absurd to see a musician visiting a toilet, yet they do. You may wonder, does it mean musicians use a different type of toilets? The answer is both yes and no. Yes, because they have a special arrangement especially when out for a concert, wedding invitation, and any other function to provide privacy. No, because they live in similar houses, which we live in which have the same toilet systems. The only difference in their toilets is customization of some parts of the toilet to suit a musical theme. It could be a painting of musical instruments, or even him performing as a way to recognize his presence in the concert.

Manufacturers have customized their design to suit this social class. We have heard cases of musicians who have released themselves on stage because of congregation pressure. Event organizers use portable toilets placed in the VIP section of the podium where it is not accessible to the public. You can have portable and permanent toilets. They have all the facilities required in a toilet and most of them are flush toilets with a stool.

Some factors to consider when choosing a toilet for musicians:


Most toilets have a standard height, although you can make a special order when you know probably the musician invited is too short or too tall. When a musician is purchasing a toilet system for home use, he will have to put that into consideration because it becomes his personal asset. The best height should be between 16-20 inches above the ground, at that height a musician can sit and stand with ease. You could also opt for a comfortable height toilet, which is 20-22 inches, they are much more comfortable than the standard toilet size.

Width of the toilet bowl

The toilet bowl comes in various shapes, any musician loves the fancy stuff, going beyond the norm and getting a unique shape will the best choice for his toilet seat. The width should be averagely 17 inches -the standard size.


Before purchasing a toilet, you should ask yourself, would the toilet system fit in the space designed for it? Does your round shower heads ( are perfectly suit with this toilet? When you have limited space you can opt for a bathtub/toilet in the same room? Does it space would still be fine if you buy other bathroom accessories  like you can see on this site:; with this, you are sure a musician moves in a one-stop room to bathe and use the toilet and if possible fix a dressing table within the same room.

Since time immemorial, musicians have been in existence and obviously had toilets. The flush toilets are the modern types found in most homes, musicians just use the same but now a little addition of color theme and beauty ideas in form of banners permanently fixed on the toilet covers, the flash system and any other flat surface of the toilets to accommodate his taste. When out for functions, event organizers use portable toilets with the complete flush system to provide the sanitation requirement. A good toilet for a musician should be unique and have some sense of style for a great classic look.

GPS for musicians

A musician’s partner is his instrument along with the different devices needed to make quality music. Playing in a bar or even in a concert is always an opportunity. This is why musicians painstakingly carry their instruments and devices to places where they are going to play.
Small shows and large concerts have one thing in common, and that is the fact that there will always be people watching. Where there are people and music, things could go wild and exciting. However, at the end of the show, things can get confusing. Things might be switched around and worst, things as important as the musician’s instruments may get lost.
This is the same problem for those who provide sound system services. With all the confusion on stage and backstage, devices and instruments could really get lost. Things might have been picked up by mistake or worst, it could have been stolen.
As a musician, losing your instrument is like losing an arm. The reason is not only because musical instruments are expensive, but you also have grown accustomed to playing such instrument.
For those engaged in providing sound system services for concerts and other events, and for musicians as well, losing your devices or instrument is synonymous to losing your livelihood.

GPS For Musicians

Losing your instruments during and after your show is now a thing of the past. This is because technology helped save the day for musicians with a tracking device while wearing one of the gear to have and find your instrument. Unlike for other GPS devices, this device is specifically designed to be integrated with musical instruments.
The GPS devices are made to be easily mounted on different types of instruments. It could be a large instrument like a piano and keyboard. It can also be mounted on instruments such as a guitar, violin and other types of instruments. The device can also be mounted on DJ mixing consoles, speakers and other controls.
These devices are designed to be camouflaged to prevent people from unmounting it. Battery life usually lasts for about three months, depending on battery usage. The device will be using more battery if it is configured to report back on an hourly basis. Especially when the instrument has already gone missing and such timely reporting is required. Otherwise, the battery will last longer especially when the reporting is done only in 24 hours intervals.
To easily navigate the GPS device, it will usually have an accompanying mobile app. This way you can track all your instruments on your mobile phone. The best part about having the mobile app is that some tracking devices have Geofencing capability. Which means you can set a specific area to where your instruments should only be in. If the instruments are moved without your knowledge you will be alerted by the mobile app. A really cool feature to prevent thieves from going far when they steal your instruments.
With the help of technology, you will be able to prevent people from stealing your instruments and your livelihood. A little investment for you but with a lifetime of benefit, because you do not have to worry about all your instruments and devices getting lost in the midst of an awesome concert.